Ping Pong!

Recently, I got a strange, but awesome custom commission.  The Swift Collective is a digital creative agency here in Portland.  You can see what they do here.  They moved into a new space and were in the process of outfitting a game room.  They put in a small indoor archery range.  You read that correctly.  Recurve bows rule.  And they wanted a custom ping pong table.

Yep.  A ping pong table.

This was a FUN project.  Their office is in a brick warehouse space with nice exposed wood truss rafters.  I’m a pretty huge fan of bridge trusses and angles, so that was my inspiration.  For this project the Swift Collective decided to go with powder coated gloss black steel. We went with 1″ x 2″ rectangular steel tubing for the entire base, cut at sharp compound miters, angled together to form “X’s”.  Drew Gaston from Dyadic IronWorks fabricated the base.  The top is European plywood painted slate gray with chalk board/ping pong table paint, so that balls bounce appropriately, and you can write your score with chalk on the table.  There’s a gloss black centerline painted down the middle.  The net is perforated steel.  All of this rests on locking castor wheels so it can roll out of the way.

2012 has been an amazing year for Phloem.  To end it with a ping pong table seemed entirely appropriate.

May 2013 bring you joy and peace.







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2 Responses to Ping Pong!

  1. Chase Nye says:

    I love your work and what you guys seem to be doing at Beam and Anchor. I was hoping that you could tell me if you had to join the plywood together or if you if you found sheets large enough to avoid are joining. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks Chase. For the ping pong table I used 5 X 5 plywood. The seam is covered up by that steel net.

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