Kitchen/Dining Room Remodel — June, 2012


Phloem Studio shares the wood shop in the back of Beam & Anchor with Earthbound Industries.  Bren Reis owns and operates Earthbound.  Sometimes, we get the opportunity to collaborate on jobs together.  Recently, Bren and I enjoyed working on a remodel together with Jason Riffle and PATH Architecture.  Jason was the lead architect of everything you see here.  We made the kitchen cabinets and wall paneling out of rift sawn white oak with the lineal grain going horizontal.  We built two tables: a counter high table that sits next to the island and a dining table with matching design elements.   In the dining room we built a set of cabinets and benches for storage along one wall out of sweet gum with the grain running horizontally again.  It was a very fun, challenging, and rewarding job for everyone involved.

Sweet gum cabinets in the dining room.  Sweet gum isn’t used enough — the grain is gorgeous and it reminds me of the planet Jupiter.  Jupiter wood!

Dining table made with solid rift sawn white oak.

Notice how the wood grain to the table wraps down from the top.

The grain on the wall with the bathroom door (right side of photo) wraps around the corner into the wall panel and the cabinet drawer fronts.  This involved 12 foot long sheets of veneer stitched together, a lock miter corner (glued up on site!) and plenty of careful planning.

Here’s a close up of that grain wrapping the corner into the drawer fronts.

The island.







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